A Mature Bedroom for the Teenage Boy

January 20, 2017

|| Bed | Side Table | Sconce | Sheeting | Decorative Pillows | Print | Table Lamp | Dresser | Rug | Duvet | Chair | Bunglo Pillow | Floor Lamp | Books (similar) | Decorative Bookends ||

This cozy bedroom design was inspired by a client who I recently worked with at our design shop. She initially called and said she needed help furnishing her sons room at her lake house. The lake house is very casual in style and so she wanted to continue that look in her sons room. Read More

On my Radar

January 13, 2017

|| 1. Art | 2. Nightstand | 3. Decorative Boxes | 4. Candle | 5. Mirror | 6. Lamp | 7. Hand Towel | 8. Table | 9. Coffee Book | 10. Hand Wash | 11. Bowl | 12. Blanket ||

Oh man, the things I would buy if I had room in my budget! Ever since I was introduced to Madegoods, I’ve been pretty obsessed with everything they carry. We have a couple of their items in the design shop, which is how I was first introduced to them. Read More

Botanicals & Butterflies

January 11, 2017

|| Wallpaper | Pendant | Table | Chairs | Sofa | Side Table | Table Lamp | Floor Lamp | Rug | Black & White Botanical 2 | Black and White Botanical 3  | Bookcase | Books | Pillow | Paint | Butterfly Art 1 & 2 | Flowers | Napkins | Mug ||

A few months ago I created a breakfast nook / living room e – design that incorporated some of the items above. I thought it would be fun to create a totally different look while using some of the same items. As you’ll see below, I used the same sofa, bookcase and botanical artwork. Read More

2016 Recap

December 31, 2016

I can’t believe 2016 has come and gone. This year was a good year, filled with a lot of transition. I got a new job, moved to a new state, while not knowing anyone and living with complete strangers. It all happened so fast but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Lucky for me, I met a great guy in the process.  Read More

Pink with the Fur

December 12, 2016


Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing my 3rd outfit collaboration with Tobi. I was thrilled when they reached out because I’ve always been a fan of their pieces and I knew I could style them in a way that represented me. Read More

Photography {Vol. 5}

November 16, 2016


Happy hump day, friends! I’m very much looking forward to Thanksgiving next week because I’m heading to Martha’s Vineyard. This will be the first holiday we’re hosting in our new home. By our, I mean my Mom and Dad’s home! I can’t wait to share a few photos of the bedrooms I helped design. More of that will be on the blog soon. Read More