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    Hi Cait,

    I’m a Textile Artist and I noticed you on Instagram and wanted to get in touch! I really REALLY hope it’s not inappropriate of me to contact you about Serena and Lily through your personal blog email. I looked at the Serena and Lily website and wasn’t sure if my email would get to you as the departments were so general…so here I am feeling slightly sheepish :-/

    I’m based in New Zealand however most of my clients are American thanks to lovely stylists like Emily Henderson and Amber Interiors who have promoted my work. The reason I’m writing is I love Serena and Lily’s fresh and pretty Californian vibe and thought my art might fit in. I wondered if there could be an opportunity to collaborate by creating one or two limited edition pieces especially for Serena and Lily?!

    I look forward to hearing back from you and cool blog by the way!

    Jane x

    1. caitokeeffe Post author

      Hi Jane!

      Can I just say .. your artwork is AMAZING! Wow, I love it all. I will definitely send your work to the right person, our art curator. Thank you for reaching out and someone from S&L should be in touch soon if they feel you are a good fit (don’t see how they wouldn’t) !!

  2. Katie Barron

    Hi there –

    I saw the Instagram post with an oval table in a corner with great windows and view. I am VERY interested in the table.

    Do you know the vendor? Thanks, Katie


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