Product Round-up : Natural Wood Toned Furniture & Why I love it

October 29, 2018

A Round-Up of Natural Wood Toned Furniture & Why I Love It

Natural wood toned furniture is making a comeback and I’m loving it. I don’t own a single piece but after sourcing this round-up, I want everything! 

A Round-Up of Natural Wood Toned Furniture & Why I Love It

I stumbled across this beautiful, serene living room space featured in Architectural Digest and fell in love. What stood out most was the prominent use of natural wood tones, in the furniture and shelving. This type of wood just evokes coziness and looks really nice when paired with black hardware, or even a black fireplace!

There are so many reasons I love natural wood tones in a home. For starters, the light & airy design pairs nicely with any type of furniture / design style. If done right, you can definitely mix any of these pieces with traditional, modern or even bohemian pieces. Another reason is that you can see all of the natural movement in the wood, which creates texture and makes each piece unique. Finally, just about any color looks good paired with the wood. When I say color, I’m referring to color in textiles, color of hardware (like I mentioned, black happens to look amazing) color of structural surfaces, ect. When I’m on the hunt for an apartment come Spring, I’ll be looking to include some of these pretty natural wood toned pieces in my space!


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Image via Architectural Digest

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