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February 5, 2018

Inspiring Design Details via the web
Hi, friends! Let me just do a quick update on life since I’ve last blogged on here (about a month or so ago). A lot has been happening and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Well, really just one major event, with pictures to come!
Inspiring Design Details via the web
Inspiring Design Details via the web
Inspiring Design Details via the web Inspiring Design Details via the web
Inspiring Design Details via the web

Unfortunately I came down with the flu! That took me out for about a week or so. Not fun. You just had to breath the air of someone who was infected and BAM, you were the next victim. After I recovered, it was time to start setting up the NEW Serena & Lily Design Shop in Summit, New Jersey! This is the major event I was talking about above. I can’t wait to share the design concept and photos with you!

On a separate note, I wanted to share all that has been inspiring me via the web lately. First, lets start with the first photo. I’ll gladly take everything and I’m hoping that my future home will have windows that size. I need all the natural light! Also, the rug, How fun is that pattern?! It stopped me in my tracks. In the second photo, I can’t get over all of the pretty colors. The different shades of pink with pops of black and blue make for the perfect contrast. In the third photo, I’m inspired by the gallery wall of art. I have a blank wall in my bedroom at home that needs a gallery wall. I’ll definitely use this one as a guideline! The fourth photo is of the lobby at the new Soho House Hotel in Chicago. The ceiling color blows me away, along with the mustard velvet sofas – such a dreamy combination. The last two photos are just color and pattern perfection in my book. I LOVE mustard yellow and blush paired together. As far as the tile goes, I just need it.

I hope you feel just as inspired and stay tuned for photos of the NEW S&L design shop!


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Curbed Chicago, SFGirlByBay

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