A Cozy Living Room Design Concept

June 23, 2017

A Cozy Living Room Design Concept

Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this living room!? This concept board was so fun to create. Maybe it was because its been a while since I’ve done a living room. Either way, I love how it turned out and I can’t wait to share my process with you all. 

For someone who works in the design industry, you would think the last thing I’d want to do when I get home is design. Well, lucky for me, I’m always in the mood to create concepts! This particular one took a few days. I started with the sofa, rug and art and then took a little break. I knew I wanted to design a cozy living room with textural elements (what else is new, I LOVE texture). The chairs were definitely the hardest find. I went back and forth with several options and none were feeling right. I didn’t want them to feel too heavy or worse, get completely lost in the design. When I found these chairs from Target I knew they were the winners. They were the perfect color and the canning backs were actually what sold me … texture! Once I took everything into account, I knew I needed an interesting coffee table. Serena & Lily just released several beautiful new products, including this navy rattan coffee table. I liked it for this space because of the color, shape and material. It’s just right and pulls the blue from the artwork perfectly. Of course, you can’t forget about lighting when designing a space. I found the floor lamp first and knew I needed to incorporate a second source of lighting. To me, this room was needing some sort of casual chandelier to complete it. Hello Made Goods! They have the best lighting and I knew they would have the unique option I was looking for. I love how subtle yet statement like this pendant feels. I’d love to know, what is your favorite aspect of this room?!


|| Sail I & II Artwork | Accent Chairs | Lumbar Pillow | Patterned Pillow | Chandelier | White Accent Table | The Collected Home Book | Habitat Book | Throw | Decorative Bowl | Wooden Accent Pieces ||


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