How to Add Pattern In a Modern, Bohemian Bedroom

May 19, 2017

How to Add Pattern In a Modern, Bohemian Bedroom
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Hi friends, happy Friday! Today I’m excited to share some tips on adding pattern to a modern, bohemian design concept. These tips don’t just apply to this style, they can apply to any style! For the sake of this example, I’ll be referencing a modern/bohemian design. It’s really not hard to do but often times, people are hesitant when it comes to adding a lot of pattern to one room. Well my advice is, don’t be afraid! Pattern and texture are what make a room unique and therefore, interesting to the eye. Trust me, you don’t want your designs to fall flat. Without any pattern, they’ll do just that.

First off, you want to decide how you’ll be adding pattern. For this particular design, I decided on the rug, pillows and art as my main sources for pattern. Then, I went with the largest item out of all of those (rug) and found that first. Once I knew I was working with a large gingham type pattern, I knew what to look for in the pillows and art. It’s really all about balancing the scale and color at this point. Although not pictured, I would choose a solid linen duvet and sheet set because everything else in this space speaks for itself and has a strong presence. I hope that makes sense! It’s really just important to watch your scale (the different sizes & shapes of patterns) and balance your colors.

I hope you found this helpful and are inspired to play with pattern and texture!


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