12 Rugs You Need to Get Your Hands On

February 17, 2017

My obsession with rugs is at an ultimate high right now and has me inspired to share a list of my absolute favorites. Just a little side note … when I own a home one day, I’ll have a storage closet filled with rugs just for some back stock. Who is with me?!

I would say it’s smart to carefully consider what type of rug you get according to where you plan on placing it in your home. A high traffic area probably shouldn’t have a delicate / expensive  rug {stating the obvious}. Maybe opt for a dark wool blend or a flat weave dhurrie. Either way, I’ve included a combination of rug types in various colors and patterns. Some are very expensive while others are reasonably priced. I’m a huge fan of rugs from Anthro and Urban Home. They both offer a pretty good bang for your buck and have a lot of fun options.

So, I would love to know … which one is your absolute FAV?!


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