Color Crushing

January 30, 2017

A Color Story with Pinks, Greens, Purple and Blue

I LOVE a good color story. I’ve been trying to up my pinterest game lately and in doing so, I’ve been seeing various combinations of these colors.  

|| Sconce | Sofa | Floor Lamp | Rug | Side Table | Wallpaper | Decorative Knobs ||

I decided to scour the internet and put a little mood board together with pieces from this color story. It turns out, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters Home have many items that suit this color scheme. Speaking of items, I LOVE everything about this dark green velvet sofa. Its clean lines and luxurious fabric make it such an appealing piece. I would definitely incorporate all of these pieces in the same room. It would be fun to get an old vintage dresser and put these anthro knobs on it. The only things missing are an oversized throw and decorative pillows for the sofa. Other than that, I could totally picture this space …


P.S. If we aren’t pinterest friends, lets make that happen!

All other images via pinterest / pattern & color board

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