A Mature Bedroom for the Teenage Boy

January 20, 2017

A Mature Bedroom Design Concept for the Teenage Boy

|| Bed | Side Table | Sconce | Sheeting | Decorative Pillows | Print | Table Lamp | |Dresser | Rug | Duvet | Chair | Bunglo Pillow | Floor Lamp | Books (similar) | Decorative Bookends ||

This cozy bedroom design was inspired by a client who I recently worked with at our design shop. She called and said she needed help furnishing her sons room at her lake house. The lake house is very casual in style and so she wanted to continue that look in her sons room. Her priorities were a new side table, a lamp, a rug for under his bed and fresh bedding. I immediately thought of our new Sierra Wool Rug. In fact, when I first eyed it I thought, ‘this rug would be perfect for a boy in his teens”. The design concept just went from there. I had to make a few last minute changes to the design after hearing more about her space. For example, instead of the Amagansett Side Table and Flynn Sconce pictured above, I swapped it out for the Atelier Side Table and the Flynn Table Lamp. She wanted the table to have more surface area, especially because she only had room for one. Overall, I really like how the space came together! Of course, I added extra ‘layering items’ for this design board. As always, all products are sourced above.


2 thoughts on “A Mature Bedroom for the Teenage Boy

  1. natalie

    I love this!!! I love when people decorate their children’s rooms in stylish and sophisticated ways, but still with a flair of childhood or “teenagehood.” this one is great!


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