Featured Artist: Holly Addi

September 16, 2016

An Interview With Artist Holly Addi

Happy Friday, friends! I’m very excited to introduce an artist whose work I really admire. Meet Holly Addi, a Salt Lake City based artist who creates paintings and mixed media artworks. I first discovered her work a couple of months ago when I was hanging some of it in the Serena & Lily Design Shop. Continue reading for our interview followed by some incredible shots of her work and studio. She’s unbelievably creative, you just wait and see! 

An Interview With Artist Holly Addi

C. I LOVE your work! At what age did you want to become an artist?

H. Since childhood I have had an affinity for all things creative. I was very into writing, poetry, theatre, acting, design, costumes, fashion, you name it. When it came to the artsy side of life, I always had an opinion. I think my parents kept wondering just where I had come from. As a child I remember waiting for the Sunday paper to be delivered so I could ‘devour’ the arts section. I couldn’t wait to see the next art news, play auditions, or exhibits. I studied psychology because I think it’s fascinating. Psychology is the backbone to the artisits mind. What artist do you know that truly isn’t a little bit crazy? It’s kind of a neccesity in this field. Shortly after I graduated from the University of Utah at the age of 22, I opened a high-end floral studio named ‘Artichokes & Co.’ I focused on the art and composition of arranging florals and gift design as well as painted on weekends. Artichokes was a huge success, open for 15 years. I then took my designs national when I started a catalog company and offered these designs to the entire U.S. However, the idea of big business and pumping out fast paced concepts as the creative director, but all based around ‘money,’ felt like my soul was being stolen. It was at that point that I decided to get back to my roots and paint full time. For me, it was a wake up call. I think it is really important as an artist to nurture your talent and not let anyone turn that light off. Art takes digging deep. I see so many talented individuals who are bought and sold, and don’t let their talents truly emerge.

An Interview With Featured Artist Holly Addi

An Interview With Artist Holly Addi

C. How would you describe your artistic style in three words?

H. Imperfect, Poetic, Harmonic

C. Who are you most inspired by and why?

H. I’m most inspired by ‘life’ itself. My works are based on life’s imperfections and how it relates back to beauty. Truly, life is so imperfect but there is that magical wonder how it all comes together. The good, the bad, the evil, the weeds, the flowers, all of it. My art style is ‘composition of imperfectionism’ and how to embrace the wonder, rather than question it. And at the end, you look at it and see beauty in it all.

An Interview With Artist Holly Addi

An Interview With Artist Holly Addi

C. What has been your ‘pinch me’ moment this far in your art career?

H. When I decided to open my own gallery and bring my background of art and retail together, I felt the ‘pinch me’. I knew I was doing what I was meant to do.

C. When your not painting, how else are you spending your time?

H. I’m a mom to three girls. When I’m not painting, I’m raising my 16, 14 and 12 year old daughters! We spend a lot of time talking about what they will become, cooking in the kitchen, playing with our dogs ‘Henri’ and ‘Hugh’- wheaten terriers and laughing. Life with 3 teenage daughters and two dogs is hectic and yet so amazing. It’s the best. I feel as though I am grateful to love everything I have and do – all at the same time!

Be sure to visit her site, where she showcases all of her beautiful pieces! She also commissions her work, so if you have a space in need of beautiful art, you know where to go.


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