Design Concept: 2 Spaces In One

August 31, 2016

An Interior Design Concept for a Bold and Modern Eating Nook and Living Room.

|| Wallpaper | Pendant | Table | Chairs | Napkins | BowlsShelving | Paint |Floral Pillow | Navy Embroidered Pillow | Sofa | Botanical Artwork | Sconce ||

Oh design boards, how I love creating them. This one looked quite different when I first started it (the beauty of over analyzing) but worth all of the tweaking because I’m a fan of the final concept. I usually just design one room but this time, I thought it would be fun to do 2 spaces in 1.

For this particular design, I wanted the two spaces, if actually done in real life, to flow nicely together. As you can see, I went with a bold wallpaper in the eating nook butI liked how it tied in with the artwork and sconces in the living room concept. Not only is it carrying the color, but the botanical artwork and the wallpaper play off each other well. The sofa, which may be hard to see on this design board, is a NEW S&L perennial pinstripe fabric. It is AMAZING, especially on this style, which happens to be my favorite sofa we carry. When adding in color, I decided on using navy because navy and black are always a good idea. The navy embroidered pillow is new to S&L and looks great paired with a floral printed pillow from McGee & Co.

Do you guys like it? What other design concepts would you want to see on here? I’m all ears!


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