Patterned Pants

August 3, 2016


Over the weekend I decided to finally take advantage of the tripod I bought a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been needing one for quite some time now as I’ve been practicing my photography on a consistent basis. I also wanted to get one for moments like these, when I don’t have anyone to take my photo.
patterned-pants4 patterned-pants8 patterned-pants9 patterned-pants6

It ended up working out well and I was surprised by how pleased I was with the end result! If any of my neighbors saw me, which they probably did, they might think I’m a weirdo but who cares, right? Do it for the blog. Speaking of the blog, now that I’ve got this tripod thing figured out, I plan on finding random locations, setting up the tripod and getting more outfit content. Although a good portion of the content on here is design based, I still want to incorporate fashion. I love getting dressed everyday and playing around with different pieces, so I still want an outlet to share that on. This top was a birthday gift this year and is from my favorite store, Club Monaco. I love the one shoulder, ruffle look. I’ve had the pants for a while, found them recently and thought the two pieces would be a fun combination.

Happy hump day, friends!


2 thoughts on “Patterned Pants

  1. natalie

    Haha I always think about doing this! It’s an awesome idea for bloggers who dont have a photography following them around or can afford one! Great idea, and I love these photos!

    1. caitokeeffe Post author

      It took me a while to just try it and it turns out that once you get the hang of using it (and not feeling a little weird) it works out well! xx


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