Bamboo & Metallic Linen

June 15, 2016

A Bedroom Concept with Bamboo and Metallic Linen

|| Headboard | Quilt | Shams | Mirror | Nightstand | Duvet | Sheets | Lamp | Vase ||

Today I’m making a VERY quick trip to Martha’s Vineyard because the foundation of the house my parents are building is in the ground! I went a couple of weeks ago with my Dad to check out the property and explore a little bit of the island. Stay tuned, I’ll be taking photos and sharing them on instagram over the next couple of days.

In other news, I’m always inspired by Emily Henderson and after looking at one of her recent designs, I wanted to create a serene bedroom with a boho / modern vibe. How do you think I did? My sister is actually moving at the end of the summer and needs help with her bedroom. I actually designed this with her in mind because she’s moving in with her boyfriend and I didn’t want to make it ‘too girly’. Urban Outfitters has great bedding selections and Ikea is always a good option for furniture, without paying an arm and a leg. When I came across this bamboo nightstand, I knew it would be a great option for them. It’s gender neutral and it’s bamboo, why not!? I mean, I would be pretty happy if this were my bedroom …


P.S. If you need a new bed or headboard with a good price point, I HIGHLY recommend Target.

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