Featured Artist – Paige Lindsey

April 6, 2016

An Interview with Artist Paige Lindsey

I’m always inspired by people with artistic abilities. It may be because I’ve never been good at drawing or painting; its just not my thing. However, I’m good at spotting those who are! When I came across Paige’s designs, I immediately fell in love.

An Interview with Featured Artist Paige Lindsey Her crazy color and pattern combinations are definitely what stood out to me. Plus, she paints fun objects like watercolor plants but also uses acrylic paint to create abstract art. I decided to chat with her & ask her questions that came to mind after first stumbling across her work …

Q.1 When did you start painting? Was it always a hobby of yours or was it a passion you developed at a later age?

A1. I started painting when I was a little kid. I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t covered in paint and making a complete mess with all of my art stuff everywhere! Creating art has always been a passion of mine, and throughout high school and college, I knew I would do something with my life that was creative, and involved my love for painting and drawing in some shape or form.

Q.2 What type of art are you inspired by and who is your favorite artist?

A2. The kind of art that inspires me are the pieces that contain bold patterns and lots of color. There are so many artists that I admire, but I have two that are my absolute favorite – Teil Duncan and Lulie Wallace. 

Q3. Is this something you do on the side right now? If so, what would your ultimate goal be for your work?

A3. Painting is something that I do on the side for right now, but my ultimate goal and dream is to be a full time artist and be my own boss!

Q4. Do you have a favorite painting you’ve painted that sticks out in your mind? Do you have a certain piece you enjoy painting over other things?

A4. My favorite painting that I have done is actually hanging up in my parents house right now. It is an oil painting of my moms’ vintage Chanel perfume bottles. I love to paint all sorts of random things like plans, coffee mugs, nail polish, poodles etc. and bring them to life with lots of color and crazy patters!

So, are you guys inspired yet? Be sure to visit her site & check out her beautiful work. Plus, if you love what you see, she’ll even work with you to personalize a piece of your own.


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