Three Favorite Instagram Feeds

February 18, 2015

3 Favorite Instagram Feeds
Today I’ve teamed up with Meg Biram and Victoria McKinley, the two amazing ladies behind the well, a blog on all topics related to blogging. Myself and a bunch of other talented bloggers are here to chat about this question: Who are your three favorite instagrammers and why? I’m not sure about the other girls, but for me this was pretty easy. Below are my 3 favorites and why!

No.1 Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere: Emily was actually one of the very first bloggers I started following right after I graduated college. I found her content & writing so inspiring and engaging that it had me totally distracted at my internship at the time. Her instagram feed is always filled with pretty photo’s that make me think the following: a. I want to move into her home b. I wish I could cook c. Her husband is adorable.

No. 2 Anissa Zajac of House Seven Blog: I came across Anissa’s feed while I was browsing the homegoods instagram account and was instantly happy I found her. As one who loves interior design, her feed is packed with photo’s of her beautiful home that make me think the following: a. I want to go shopping at Homegoods with her b. Her family is adorable c. I want to meet a man that lets me decorate my home like she does.

No. 3 Jessica Safko of Love Plus Color: Jessica’s feed is filled with beautiful and colorful mood boards that she designs herself. I really just love that her feed is bright and colorful because it instantly makes me happy. I’m one who really appreciates a good color combination and she’s mastered the art of color and for that, her feed is top 3 on my list. Her great eye for design and color make me think the following: a. If I need to design anything in the future, I know who to reach out to b. I want to take her online instagram course because I bet it’s awesome c. She’s inspired me to create more mood / design boards.

Check out what these other blogging gals have to say about their top 3 instagram feeds & why!

The B Bar

Annie Reeves

Alyssa J Freitas

Cake & Lilies

Liska Monet

The Not Quite Adult

Equal Parts of a Whole

Carrie Loves

A Loyal Love

Paper and Skyscrapers

Glitter, Inc.

SKC Marketing


Elana Lyn

Sponsored by Coffee

Always Craving

All The Pretty Stars

Business Betties

Perfect Enough For Us

Always Anita

A Little Leopard

A Girl for Granted

Tortoise in the Sun

The Yuppie Files

Healthfully Ever After

Urban Pixxels

Roam + Golightly

Preppy Panache


White Cabana

Idalia Photography

Little Wild Heart

Wearing Pearls

The Everyday Adventurer

Splendor in Spanglish

Life Modifier

Post Grad in Pumps

Alessandra Marie

Random Little Faves

PR Girl Diaries

Caitlin Cawley

Modish & Main

26 and Not Counting

Pretty Much Design Studio

Grace Notes

Girl in Betsey

Something Good

Life with the Champions

Pattern Me Pretty

Simply Nicole

The Fashionable Wife

Cassandra Monroe

I Am Amber Nicole

Southland Avenue

English Mamma

Cake Over Steak

York Avenue

Jenn Inspired

Hitha on the Go

Beauty and the Pitch

Cedar and Rush

Luv in the Bubble

Des Moines Darling

Cheyenne Mojica

Step Brightly

Soak and Simmer

A Touch of Teal

Paris vs The World

Style and Free

Lovely Friend

A Few of My Favorite Things

The Blue Bijou

PR Blonde

Leigh Clair

Moonlight Chai

Meg Biram

Victoria McGinley


10 thoughts on “Three Favorite Instagram Feeds

  1. Kelsey

    Love your picks – especially house seven blog! Def following now. Was looking at your IG, too and we are from around the same area! I’m from Basking Ridge but living in nyc 🙂

    xx Kelsey –

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