5 Brands Every Girl Should Own

February 4, 2015

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Yes, that’s right. I browse the internet a lot & unfortunately hit the ‘add to cart’ button a lot less. However, if you can afford to online shop & you’re looking for that pretty basic, then it would be silly to overlook these designers. You’ve definitely heard of some but maybe not others. I hope I’ve introduced at least one brand you aren’t familiar with. Enjoy & if you have other great brands you want to share, go for it!

no. 1 Hackwith Design House

Love the clean, minimal lines in lisa’s designs. She takes basic to a whole new level & I love everything about her brand.

no. 2 Millay Vintage

Mary, the founder of Millay Vintage, has a keen eye for design & all things vintage. If you’ve followed my blog a little bit, you’ll know I love a good thrift find. Mary curates a shop with true vintage classics & fresh modern pieces. Now that’s a combination that speaks to me.

no. 3 Club Monaco

This is a brand I’m sure you’re all familiar with. A couple of years ago I don’t think I ever stepped foot in this store. I decided to go in last year and I fell in love with everything. Unfortunately, this is one expensive store so I’ll usually head right to the sale section & even then, I’m walking out empty handed. This is a brand I go to for a good basic piece that I’ll wear many times. It’s where I buy my ‘investment pieces’. This year, I bought leather leggings that I wear on repeat & they were worth the $ for that reason.

no. 4 Elizabeth Suzann

Another great designer I discovered on instagram! I love the simple and fresh silhouettes this brand embodies. Bonus : the price point is pretty reasonable for most pieces.

no. 5 Industry Standard NY

If you’re looking for a comfortable, good looking, american made, reasonably priced pair of jeans then look no further. Flattering cuts & comfortable material. Why not give it a try?

I hope you found this list helpful!


Image via hackwith design house spring 2015 lookbook





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