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January 12, 2015

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I wanted to share a few of the resources I use for all things related to my blog. On days when I’ve had too much coffee or that I’ve had it too late, I’m usually tossing and turning in bed for an hour or so. Lately, I’ve used that time to browse other blogs & pinterest. Over time, I’ve accumulated a bunch of sites that I love to read, all of which are super helpful. Enjoy & let me know what you think!

no. 1 The Well

Guys, this site shares so many great tips & tricks, tools & inspiration for bloggers. I’ve been following both of the founders for a while (Meg Biram & Victoria McGinley) on their personal blogs. They’re both smart entrepreneurial women who have plenty of experience in the industry.

Topics covered : industry news, blogging strategy & tutorials

no. 2 The EveryGirl

This is a great online magazine for the every day girl. The content published is always current, relatable & aesthetically pleasing. A great feature on this site is their job listings. You can search an industry & city & a plethora of listings appear!

Topics covered : career & finance, culture, travel & wellness

no. 3 Canva

I just discovered this marketing content tool & i’m so happy I did! Canva let’s you create marketing material for your blog using their customized themes or … you can leave the design part up to you. I’m still learning more about this tool but good news is, they have plenty of helpful articles & some great marketing tips as well. I’ve already started playing around & posted one design on my instagram.

Topics covered : graphic design & marketing tips

no. 4 Fabulous Blogging

Julie, the writer behind this blog, has a full-time website design business focused on social strategy, branding & website maintenance. It’s no wonder her blog is super informative.

Topics covered : blogging tips, design tips, guides & tutorials & SEO

no. 5 By Regina

This blog is amazing. The creator, Regina Anaejionu shares her advice on a variety of subjects when it comes to blogging. Her knowledge is impeccable. I mean, she has an etsy shop where she sells books on brand identity & blogging. Hello, smarty pants.

Topics covered : blogging tips, challenges, business advice & content curation

I hope you found this list helpful. Please share resources you love to read, I’m always looking for more!





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