Summer Whites

July 8, 2014

A summer wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a few basic white pieces. When shopping for pretty basics, I would go to J.Crew first and if I didn’t have any luck, I’d venture over to Madewell. Just the other day I was browsing some of the new arrivals over at Madewell, and I’m loving everything. Although I didn’t see a ton of white, I still think it’s important to have plenty of white options to keep on rotation! I really love this Pour L’amour Du Frais bag and enjoyed reading the story behind it’s creation. One of the original founders of Kate Spade, Pamela Bell, decided to create a company devoted to making t-shirts, notebooks and totes all with one purpose in mind : “We create clothes and accessories that people want to wear and carry, that give them a voice and help them to create change in the world around them”. You can {and should} read more about the company here! Also, how fun are these white flats that look like they have a mesh detail to them? They’re different and I just love their shape. I’m also digging a lot of their accessories, all pretty simple in design but make for great additions to a summer outfit.

Madewell Accessories

Go check out Madewell, you won’t be disappointed!


{Sunglasses | Flats | Tote | Graphic Tee | Shorts}

{Sandals | Bag| Bracelet | Ring}

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