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May 27, 2014





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Pink Florals

{Desk | Chair | Pillow | Painting | Lamp | Flowers | Vase}

Decorating a space in any apartment or home can seem daunting and stressful. One rule of thumb to keep in mind when filling a room with new pieces is to always incorporate some type of floral arrangement. It’s also important to analyze the color and feel of a room before picking a flower type. I was completely drawn to each space above, and here’s why…

no. 1 / This striped room has a lot going on, so a simple orchid was the perfect choice. Not only is the flower selection important, but the color matters just as much. This subtle orange flower pairs nicely with the striped walls and green couch.

no. 2 / Unlike the first space, this room is very simple. A pretty white hydrangea was the perfect pick and makes a statement next to the dark walls in this room.

no. 3 / I love this room and I’m always a fan of a bright flower. This coastal Moroccan space needed a pop of color so the pink hydrangea was spot on.

no. 4 / This California home combines the perfect mix of traditional and eclectic pieces. I think this green hydrangea is a nice compliment to the rustic / eclectic design in this living room. I recently bought green hydrangeas at Trader Joe’s and styled them here!

I created a simple desk space and went with a pretty pink hydrangea. This rustic office needed a pretty pop of color. What do you think?


{no. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4}

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