Project Decorate

February 26, 2014

Mix & Match

How fun in this little bedroom? I was browsing Kristin’s blog, The Hunted Interior {one of my favorite interior design blogs} and read about this contest called Project Decorate. Similar to the fashion aspect of polyvore, you can pull together different decor pieces to create a certain look! In this case, we had to create our version of a layered living look and include at least one of the pieces she used in her look. We then submit it to polyvore and at the end of the contest, Kristin, along with the polyvore team, pick their top two sets. Each winner will then receive a $500 gift card to Ballard Designs! I thought I would share my look above…and obviously, I had to mix and match. A little stripe and polka dot never hurt anybody.

Check out some of the sources used below!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.26.11 AM


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