A Few New Things

February 14, 2014

Anthropologie has been killing it lately. Everytime I head in there “just to look” I’m never leaving empty handed. It doesn’t help that there’s one within a five minute walk from my apartment or that it’s {in my opinion} the best Anthroplogie I’ve been to.

Just the other day I went in “just to look” and found some really cute pieces. Of course, I posted two of the outfits on my Instagram, to really see if either pieces were worth spending money on. This pretty tulle skirt was my favorite pick and still happens to be on sale {do I go back and get it?}. According to some friends on Instagram, the answer is yes, so I might just venture back. Anyways, here are some looks I put together… I’m thinking I need the hat as well.

photo 1
Can’t ever go wrong with a basic look

photo 2

Thought this was a fun color combination {somewhat unexpected}

photo-5 copy
How great is this tulle skirt!? Always wanted one…

photo-5 copy 2
Anthropologie will always win my heart…oh and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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