January 15, 2014

A bold, vibrant color combination is really doing it for me lately. I’m thinking of making this a new series, where every week I’ll share a color palette I’m loving and how I would decorate using those colors! Just give me until next week to think of a name for this series, all suggestions are welcome. I know I posted last week on similar vibrant colors but I just couldn’t help myself. Not sure if anyone has ever felt a sense of inspiration so much that you find yourself wanting to move into a house {yes, I’m 23} just for the sake of having a huge space to decorate. Hopefully, I’m not alone on this one. I’m constantly creating mood boards with different colors and patterns out of pure inspiration, and well, this seems like a fitting place to share. Be sure to check out Furbish Studio {where a good amount of the furniture I post is from} for a fun assortment of patterns and colors. It’s the first site I go to when feeling any thing color and pattern – and that’s all the time. Here’s to feeling inspired.

Color Palette

 {Emory Chair | Linen Pillow | Mondrian Print | Cobalt Blue Otomi Print | Hot Pink Otomi Print | Jungle Spots Wallpaper | Créme De La Créme Print | Vase | Navy Side Table | Leaf Lamp}

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