Apartment : The Basics

July 24, 2013

apartment final

It’s official, I am moving to Hoboken in two months and I can’t wait. Although I’m actually kind of sad to leave my room at home {maybe I’ve just gotten too comfortable} I can’t wait for what the next chapter of my life will bring. So since this is quickly approaching, I’ve been pinning away on pinterest and decided to create a little inspiration board here. I’ve also included a few basic steps that I think are helpful when moving into a new place. Since this is my first apartment and because it’s just so expensive to live anywhere in the New York City area, I will be creating my space on a pretty strict budget. Here are some of the simple steps I will stick to when creating my new room:

1. Create your budget and stick to it – I know this sounds kind of hard {reality will soon be slapping me right in the face} but following a budget will definitely be helpful considering everything else I will soon be responsible for.

2. Define your color scheme – pick your color (s) and then create your space accordingly. I plan on staying with neutral colors for my bedding so when it comes time to add pillows and other accessories, I won’t have too much going on and can add pops of colors, like navy, orange and hot pink.

3. Buy the main pieces of furniture first (i.e. desk, dresser) and then fill in the rest from there – I know I will definitely make a few trips to Home Goods, Marshalls, Target, Anthropologie (sale section) and a few consignment shops. Side note: I’m heading to California for Labor Day Weekend and definitely plan on going to a few flea markets to find some vintage pieces.

4. Finally, have fun with it and create a space that will make you happy.


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