Desk Decor

February 12, 2013

I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I decorate my desk with. I love a clean space to do work but obviously it’s necessary to dress it up a little. Giving your work area some character makes for a cozy and comfortable place.

Check out a few “must haves” for your desk at home:

1. A stack of books or magazines (preferably your favorite reads)


2. A pretty vase of your favorite flowers


I picked up this jar w/flowers from TJMax and love it! I think once Spring comes around, I’ll change it out and add a new vase with white hydrangea’s shown here.

3. A picture frame of someone who means a lot to you

picstitch-100I chose to put a picture of my boyfriend. I do have a rotation of photos going, which keeps it nice and fresh! Last month, I had a picture of my family. (Note the Chevron printed frame…had to get it!)

4. A candle

picstitch-101It’s always nice to have a fresh scent while you work at your desk, especially in the winter when it can actually provide you with some warmth as well!




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