Classy Shirt, Classy Style

October 23, 2012

I just purchased a shirt from Barney’s Consignment Shop and couldn’t be more excited to wear it. Probably one of my favorite finds recently, this shirt below is worn a few different ways. The versatility that this DKNY top possess might be one of the only reasons that it’s my favorite. I love that it looks fashionable in the three different outfits I created.

The 1st look created is for work, a simple pencil skirt and a pair of black heels is perfect.

{Best worn as business attire}

The 2nd look I created is a more relaxed version of number 1 but still maintains that chic, stylish vibe.

{Best worn out to dinner with some friends}

The last look is the most causal of them all and gives off a rustic sort of trendy vibe.

{Best worn in a super causal setting}

{My Look from left to right}

Banana Republic Skirt w/DKNY Blouse from Barney’s & Black Stilettos

J.Crew Capris w/Blouse & Sam Edleman Loafers

Paige Pants & J.Crew Belt w/Blouse & Dolce Vita Boots

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