Mirrors & Frames

October 4, 2012

When it comes to decorating, I love rooms with plenty of mirrors & frames. They serve as great decorative pieces and add  character and charm. Depending on the room or space you’re decorating, there are a variety of mirrors & frames you can choose from. Don’t be afraid to display mirrors and frames together as it can make for a creative, unique look. Here are just a few that I love which could make any space, if displayed the right way, pretty.

{Series of different shaped mirrors lined up along a wall-love this look as it gives the room a charming & unique feel}

{Mirrors shown on an angle-love the variety & placement}

{A series of mirrors from a Thrift Store-love the display and rustic feel}

{Frames decorated with different patterns-pretty, elegant look}

{Pastel colored frames-fun use of color, can give space a creative edge}

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