Pillows on Pillows

September 14, 2012

When I was a little girl I used to hate it when my Mom would decorate my bed with, what seemed at the time, millions and millions of pillows. It made making my bed more of a chore then it already was. Now it’s kind of ironic because I absolutely love decorating my bed with pillows. In fact, I don’t like beds that don’t have pillows-to me it feels like something is missing.

I think it’s fun when pillows are different shapes and sizes because it gives the bed and the room a totally different feel. Depending on the color of your room and the type of your bedding, it is always fun to get pillows with different designs and not just simple colors.

See below for some of my favorite stores with plenty of fun and trendy pillows

One Kings Lane


Pottery Barn

West Elm

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