Bathroom makeover: Stage one

August 30, 2012

I am in the beginning stages of completely redoing my bathroom and I couldn’t be happier. It happens to be the only bathroom in the house that has yet to be updated, which is totally obvious the second you look at it. Although the physical work won’t be happening for another month, I’m starting to think about how I want it to look and some of the stuff/places I want to get decor from!

So far I’ve picked out the wallpaper and I absolutely love it. I wanted to go with a fun color but definitely wanted it to have an elegant appeal, so I decided on this pattern below:

After picking out the wallpaper, I’ve been looking on different websites and going into stores for decor ideas. I plan on maintaining an elegant look throughout so while keeping that in mind, I’ve come across some really nice stuff! So far I really like this vanity and these sconces from Pottery Barn. While I was in Anthropologie, I came across some cute soap dispensers, cups and fun knobs that can all serve a great purpose. The soap dispensers and cups come in a variety of colors so I have a lot to choose from. I could replace the knobs on the the vanity I like with the ones shown below to create a totally new look, just by simply giving it some color.

There are more posts to come on my process and I can’t wait for it to actually get started!

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