A Purple Printed Scarf

October 2, 2014

Purple & Green #1
Purple & Green #2
Purple & Green #3
Purple & Green #4
Purple & Green #5
Purple & Green #6














































































{j.crew blouse. j.crew pants. j.crew scarf. jeffery campbell heels. zara bag.}

this entire outfit happens to be j.crew. it doesn’t normally work out that way but not complaining because j.crew is my jam. purple & green are also my jam. the perfect color combo for fall. i’m trying to pretend it’s not already october because that really means one thing. we’re getting closer and closer to winter and that’s just sad. so, here’s to a late fall!




Neutral Decor

October 1, 2014
















{Beach Photo | Floor Lamp | Coffee Table |Throw Blanket | Wool Rug | Baskets | Wool Pillows | Studded Mirror | Library Sconce}

it’s been a little while since i’ve posted a decor post so it’s about time i do. i’ve been in a neutral mood when it comes to both my wardrobe & design. i mean, just go to my pinterest & you’ll find an entire board dedicated to neutral interiors. but, then again, some of the prettiest spaces i come across are decorated using neutral palettes. so, neutral spaces for the win.

happy hump day.



fall picks – all black

September 23, 2014


all black












i have plenty of pieces i want for fall but i thought i’d share this obsession i have lately & that’s all black. i love everything about black & its ability to make you feel super comfortable and confident. most of these pieces are great essential components to any outfit, like the simple black purse and oversized blazer. both of these items come with an expensive price tag but remember, these are pieces you wear with almost anything.

1. H&M Suede Sneakers $49

2. Scallop Frill Tee {available in more colors!} $25

3. Suede Duffle Backpack $130

4. The Row Round Acetate Sunglasses $390

5. Chloe Large Baylee Tote $1,864.95

6. Skater Skirt with Lace Overlay $74

7. H&M Wool Hat $24

8. J.Crew Collection Leather Shorts $450

9. J.Crew Collection Deco Feather Top $375

10. H&M Leather Shoes $57

11. The Row Fessing Coat $2,490

12. The Row Book Bag Leather Shoulder Bag $3,950


back to basics

September 19, 2014

back to basics #1
back to basics #2
back to basics #3
back to basics #4
back to basics #5
back to basics #6
back to basics #7



























































































these photo’s are really making me miss martha’s vineyard. quick side note : this past summer was definitely one for the books. it was a last minute decision and was probably the best one i’ve made in a while. i learned a lot about a bunch of random life stuff {sounds kind of weird and random} and i’ve been able to work for a brand i really believe in.

anyways, on to the outfit. per usual, gareth gets the photo credit for these (some very silly) outfit photo’s! i guess i was feeling pretty basic with this look but honestly, sometimes basic is better. this jacket of mine is clearly one likable piece as its been in the last few outfit posts. guess my point has been made : you can never go wrong with an oversized black blazer.


how to wear : black on black

September 17, 2014

black outfit











Black outfit

Black outfit

Black outfit



























































okay, so it’s really not hard to wear all black but you can do it in a way that you still look super chic. it’s important to make sure your outfit has balance. an example of not having balance would be to wear everything oversized. in my look, i wore a black oversized jacket with a loose fitting shirt (made by Gareth) but made sure to wear my black skinny jeans. this oversized look is definitely in right now but just make sure you pair that with an item that’s tight fitting to balance it out. it’s also nice to add in a subtle pop of color. i did that with both my make-up and shoes. I’m wearing a subtle pop of pink on my lips, with very neutral eye make-up and a simple burgundy heel. both colors are neutral enough to work & also add a nice element to the outfit.

oversized jacket

September 12, 2014

oversized jacket & striped pleated skirt
jacket & striped pleated skirt
jacket & striped pleated skirt
sweater & striped pleated skirt
sweater & striped pleated skirt
sweater & striped pleated skirt














































































my new favorite purchase is this oversized black blazer, if you couldn’t already tell here & here. i will probably over wear it this fall but that’s okay, because pieces like these deserve that. i saw this pretty little thang hanging in a boutique & immediately pictured the various ways i would style it, this being one of the many. this striped pleated skirt belongs to gareth and i could live in it. she actually purchased it in shanghai while she lived there (because she’s super cool). i also wore a rooey knots design that’s super chic & really easy to wear! it’s the wrap tie bracelet made from vintage ties. we’re in the process of making many more so stay tuned & follow along || @rooeyknots & rooeyknots.com.