Room Revamp

January 30, 2015





























i’ve mentioned a few times on instagram that i’ve got a little project that will officially start this spring. my room needs a little face lift / revamp & it’s probably no surprise that i’m very very excited about this project. i wanted to share a few mood boards i’ve created that will give you a good idea of what i’m trying to accomplish for this new space.

decor plans, broken down in a simple list:

1. color scheme : tones of grey

2. oversized mirror (as pictured above)

3. gallery wall above desk

as you can see, i want to create a relaxing, minimally designed yet aesthetically pleasing room. i’m thinking about having one wall (the one behind my bed) covered in patterned wallpaper. i love the concept behind that style & i think it adds depth & character to a room. if i had complete control over this project i would rip up the carpet & install herringbone wood floors but that will just have to wait. hello, dream home. i’m starting to scour the internet for some pieces & if i come across a good deal, i’ll be eager to buy because this girl’s on a budget.

next update will be pieces i’m either eying for the new room or items i’ve already purchased just because i couldn’t pass them up. stay tuned!




Collaboration with Whiskey & Proper

January 28, 2015




























































































happy hump day everyone! i’m excited about today’s post because i’ve teamed up with vanessa from whiskey & proper to talk about a few wardrobe pieces we’ve been craving lately. she’s one of my favorite bloggers for a few reasons. she has a great sense of style and she’s just real. when it comes to the blogging world, i think it’s important to focus on making connections with people who are genuine. those are the connections that matter and last.

outfit deets //

we both love anything oversized and you can usually find us wearing loafers. we decided to style both of these pieces and show you just how easy & effortless it can be. enjoy and be sure to check out how she styled her oversized coat & loafers over on whiskey and proper.

scalloped shirt. top shop

oversized jacket. top shop

leather leggings. club monaco

loafers. sam edelman

bag. kelsi dagger

p.s. do yourself a favor and follow her on instagram. her feed is on point, you’ll see.


How to Decorate for the Mature Girl

January 26, 2015














no.1 cb2 lamp | no. 2 jonathan adler twin headboard | no. 3 h&m medal basket | no. 4 sienna throw in grey | no. 5 ralph lauren pillow cover | no. 6 anthropologie pleated curtains | no. 7 target gold table lamp | no. 8 antique chest | no. 9 striped rug

new year, more decor posts! i’ve always enjoyed decorating. my mom is a talented decorator and her mother was as well. i guess that’s where my passion comes from. i remember going into stores with my mom when i was a little girl and playing house with my sisters. we would pick pieces and pretend to decorate different rooms in our ‘house’. i would always get first pick though because i was the oldest, and i made up the rules.

i have a few decor posts lined up that i’m excited to share with you! next week i’ll be introducing a new series i’m starting on pmp, decor related. i’ve been really inspired lately. i think it’s a combination of things. i’m starting a secret pinterest board & a mood board for a room update & i started reading erin gates’ book, elements of style, designing a home and life. i love her decorating and writing style. her book is simply inspiring and has me super excited to share my decor ideas in the coming weeks.

this particular post features a room designed for the mature girl. it’s for the girl who’s ready to say bye to her bright pink sheets and barbie dolls and embrace a simple, elegant and refreshed room, perfect for her formative years.

happy monday, xx!



Playing with Color

January 23, 2015

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it’s friday, so why not end the week with some color & metallic pants? these photo’s were taken last weekend & it wasn’t necessarily an easy feat. i say this because it was super sunny and i knew i wanted / needed to take photo’s since sunday’s forecast looked like a wash out. as you probably know, it’s really hard to take photo’s when there’s not a cloud in the sky. i didn’t really have any other options so we had to make it work. the end result? driving around until finding a wall that was not only a good color but also had enough shade. thanks to my mom for finding this fun maroon wall, behind whole foods! also digging the ombre effect…

outfit deets //

the top is actually two separate pieces i put together last minute. a neutral look with a pop of color.

shirt. $5 thrift find

crop top. by lush from century 21

metallic pants. flying monkey from a few years ago

jacket. $5 thrift find

purse. kelsi dagger designs | brooklyn based designer

boots. sam edelman

cheers to friday!



The Jane Headband

January 21, 2015

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happy humppppp day! if you follow rooey knots on instagram or facebook then you’ll know that our website now features one of our styles for purchase. we’re opening our etsy shop shortly but on our website we’re featuring a different style each week for purchase. this week we’re showcasing the jane headband. this might be one of my favorite styles so far. initially, this headband incorporated 3 different ties. now we also make that same style using 5 different ties for those who like to mix & match. be sure to visit the site & the rooey blog for more details.

p.s. all of our headbands are named after characters from classic american novels. can you guess which novel jane is from?!


Ultimate Guide: Nate Berkus Finds

January 19, 2015


Nate Berkus Decor

no. 1 jason home avery chair

no. 2 nate berkus metallic pillow

no. 3 nate berkus round accent table

no. 4, 5, 6, 7 nate berkus spring collection

no. 8 nate berkus pearl grey rug

i’ve always had a design crush on nate berkus but lately, i’m loving everything. the best place to find nate berkus decor? well, that’s an easy one. the first place i scope out when i go to target is the home section. not because i like that section but because i like nate berkus over everything else in target. target usually has a good, curated selection of pieces but don’t forget to shop target online! if you search nate berkus, over 60 items appear. yes, he’s the man. i once had a dream we met & it was amazing. maybe one day we will. i’ve gathered a few pieces i love.

cheers to martin luther king day & the bachelor tonight.