A minimal checkered print

November 13, 2014

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every day is a new adventure in shanghai and i feel so lucky to be experiencing the culture out here. we’ve visited the fabric market a handful of times now and have a lot of great pieces in the works. we plan on having a mini photo shoot here {on a roof ;)} in shanghai with some of the products being made. i’m also pretty excited about this new wardrobe i’ll be coming home with. a lot of the samples we’re making are in my size so i’ll be keeping most of them and i plan on having a jacket, vest & skirt made. can’t wait to style them all when i get back to the states.

a continued list of more things i’ve observed after being here for over a week. if  you didn’t get a chance to read the first part, you should!

11. there are so many cute cafe’s here & i might designate an entire post to my favorites & why.

12. lots of things are hidden gems here & it’s so fun to stumble upon them.

13. my favorite spot so far is ferguson lane. look it up & you’ll see why.

14. every single baby here is adorable & i want to take them all home with me.

15. people are always taking wedding photo’s on the streets & often times you’ll see wedding dresses hanging on clothes lines on the sides of streets to dry.

16. many times the facades of buildings are not nearly as nice as the insides of homes / buildings.

17. the fake market here (where i picked up concealer, sunglasses & perfume) was definitely an experience.

18. the metro system here is super clean & efficient.

19. some areas are more frequented by foreigners than others.

20. massages are really cheap here & nail salons stay open very late so we plan on spending a lot of time in both places.

outfit deets //

i styled this outfit right before i left for shanghai & actually put it together pretty last minute. i love that the jackets sleeves are a different color from the body. the little crop top underneath was something i found last year at a thrift store. the checkered pants are gap & were another great purchase last year.

stay tuned for more updates! i’m here for a little less then two weeks so more content to come.


Shanghai – Part 1

November 10, 2014

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{somewhere over russia}


i’m not even sure where to begin. i want to go through & highlight my experiences so far but let me begin with my first official experience in the shanghai airport, after a 15 hr. long flight. i was pretty delirious, to say the least. we were exiting the airport & on our way out (while every chinese man just stared) a man approached me and was speaking chinese & trying to tell me something. he was dressed in a suit & looked very official so of course, i immediately thought i did something wrong. gareth was ahead of me and i called out to her thinking we needed to stop because i was in trouble. she looked at me and just laughed. the man was really just trying to sell me something. & this was just the beginning.

a few things i’ve noticed since being in shanghai :

1. kids are not in car seats & they aren’t generally strapped in anything.

2. taxi drivers are insane, worse then nyc. we literally almost nailed a man the other day. they do not stop.

3. people spit a lot & casually snot rocket on the streets. that was interesting to see for the first time.

4. most popular form of transportation is by bike. children are often riding on the back & aren’t strapped in (naturally).

5. the food is really yummy. i was pleasantly surprised that i’ve liked more dishes then disliked. so far, my favorite food is jian bing (photo below).

6.  the roads here are more like guidelines rather then lanes you should stay in. honking is constant & definitely not occasional.

7. chinese people are super friendly & always say hi.

8. the small little shops & the people who work in them give the neighborhoods a friendly, comfortable feel.

9. in such a large city with so many people, i’ve felt nothing but safe here.

10. i’ve never seen so many different & interesting activities done in a park all at once – ballroom dancing, tai chi, cards, singing, badminton, kite flying and trumpet playing.

these are just a few of the things i’ve noticed so far & i’ve been here for a week. definitely more to come on this list! stay tuned for more updates & stories along the way & be sure to follow @patternme_pretty on instagram.

Shanghai #6
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November 5, 2014

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so this was supposed to be posted monday am when i left but then time got away & all of the sudden i was sitting on what was going to be the longest flight of my life. {hello 15 hrs!} to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be. unfortunately, i never slept but wasn’t all that surprised. but now i’m in shanghai & it’s amazing. i will try & update the blog as best i can & i just got on the internet so follow along via instagram as well.

i can’t wait to document my experiences with you all!


p.s. it’s a whole different world over here & i love it.

How to look cute while working out

October 31, 2014














{sports bra | tank | nike shorts | track pants | nike sneakers}

a few things prompted me to write this post. the first is that i’ve started to work out again. not that i didn’t before but now i’m definitely on a schedule & it feels good getting back into it. the second reason is that i just got new nike sneakers & they’re super light weight. i’ve actually never had nike sneakers before so the switch up is kind of exciting.

now, the basic rules to looking cute while working out & trust me, it’s not very hard.

rule no. 1 – have a few cute printed sports bras on hand. if you’re wearing a tank top, instead of wearing a solid bra, switch things up and wear a printed one (try sticking with neutrals like the one above).

rule no. 2 – if you’re going to wear sweats over your gym shorts, go with a neutral pair of track pants. it’s stylish & simple.

rule no. 3 – own a pair of nike sneakers. i now may get a collection going. i love that mine are light weight & neutral / stylish enough that i could pair them with a cute skirt & oversized sweater. that’s a look that’s in but trust me, you probably can’t pull that off with any other sneaker.

i’m leaving for shanghai on monday for the next three weeks. i’ll do my best to post content while i’m away! follow along on instagram // @patternme_pretty

TGIF & happy halloween!


Brights, Florals, & Polka Dots

October 29, 2014

Bright Yellow & Floral
Bright Yellow & Floral
Bright Yellow & Floral








































i normally don’t rock bright yellow but i’m definitely into the color lately. i mean, if you’re looking to stand out, this is one way to do it. i decided to put this rag & bone top (from my mom’s closet – sorry if you see this because i didn’t ask) over my floral printed dress because if we’re being honest here, i couldn’t find the right bra to wear. just trying to get a little creative here & i think i like it even better worn like this! side note : how great does the yellow look against this blue wall (totally didn’t plan that …)

oh & the little clutch is my favorite part. it’s kate spade by the way, so even better.

happy hump day.

p.s. i’m sharing a sneak peek of what i’ll be wearing for halloween on instagram thursday – stay tuned, it’s pretty good!

Top Picks : Dwellstudio

October 24, 2014

top picks: dwell studio














{wallpaper | chair | table | picture | lamp | pillow w / bird | creme pillow | blue pillow | mirror}

TGIF my friends! any fun plans for the weekend? i’m actually pretty pumped because this is one of the first weekends in a while that i’ll be home & simply just relaxing. no work. no travel. it’s definitely refreshing. on saturday, a bunch of friends & i are going apple picking / pumpkin picking but apparently most apple farms are running out of apples! (WHAT – these places need to be on top of their apple inventory} … but it’s okay because not only is this an apple farm it’s also a beer garden and ice cream parlor. & i will never say no to ice cream. ever.

so, onto the pretty pieces of furniture! everything is from dwellstudio and if you haven’t heard of this online decor site then welcome. it’s got everything from tables & rugs to mirrors & decor accessories. wouldn’t the pieces above make for a cute office space!? all you need is a desk & some office supplies & you’re all set. product deets are above!

xo and happy weekend