July 1, 2015


it’s the middle of the week & i still feel like there aren’t enough days in the week. i took a break from blogging last week (haven’t done a full week in a long time) and i feel inspired and refreshed! i needed a little time away, especially because i’ve been so busy lately and knew i wasn’t going to give this space the time it deserved. i would rather produce really good content that i’m proud of publishing, rather then rushed, mediocre stuff that i’m not 100% about.

i leave for newport, rhode island on friday for the 4th and then head to martha’s vineyard for the rest of the summer. i’m looking forward to this change of scenery and can’t wait to share more on that in the coming weeks! this outfit has me thinking of nights on the vineyard that are a little too chilly for shorts but perfect for cropped pants. i can’t wait for casual outings, wearing something similar to what’s pictured above.

tibi shirt

calypso ankle raw hem pants

calypso beaded necklace

j.crew woven flats



Weekend Reading {Vol. 16}

June 19, 2015

Weekend Vibes

cheers to friday! this weekend i’ll be selling in brooklyn & then celebrating a good friends birthday in hoboken. i’m looking forward to celebrating her birthday, surrounded by good friends & yummy food / drinks.

enjoy your weekends & these articles!

a few good tips for planning out your blog posts.

anything you ever needed to know about white paint. thank you, studio mcgee!

abstract art, i’m into it. i’m also really into this room.

step up your photography game on vacation.

need a few last minute father’s day gifts?!

this room is perfect & it was designed in one day. taking notes.

although i hate flying, information like this fascinates me.


image via tumblr

Summer Essentials

June 18, 2015

Summer Essentials

a couple months back i participated in the b bar’s ‘monthly link-up’ series, where i talked about my three favorite instagram feeds. i loved participating in this series & because of it was able to add more blogs to my daily reading list & even formed a few virtual friendships – maybe one day we’ll all meet in person!

this month’s word of the month is ‘essential,’ so the june link-up post question asks, what are your summer essentials? i’ve rounded up my favorite summer pieces below. many of my picks happen to center around the beach but isn’t that what summer’s all about? enjoy!

no. 1 bathing suit (s) : get two nice bathing suits & make sure you can mix and match. now you have 4. product links: white top & bottom polka dot top & bottom.

no. 2 beach tote : it’s always smart to have a beach tote on hand but even smarter when it’s a good size (not too small & not too big). it should also be a neutral color. one of the worst feelings is when your bag doesn’t match your outfit.

no. 3 cover-up : one thing i always used to forget about was a cover up for the beach / pool. wearing shorts and a tee just isn’t going to cut it anymore. plus, cover-ups are hassle free – easy on, easy off.

no. 4 travel perfume : smelling good all the time is key. on hot sticky days in the summer when you’re sweating more then ever, it’s always a good idea to have perfume. i recommend bobbi brown’s ‘beach’.

no. 5 reading : if you’re like me, you get easily bored at the beach. laying in the sun for hours on end, doing absolutely nothing, isn’t very appealing to me. having a good beach read on hand is key. plus, when you’re not on vacation you get stuck in daily routines that getting through a whole book is often challenging. the coincidence of coconut cake was listed on huffington post’s fictional summer reading list this year.

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Mules for the Win

June 17, 2015

Baby Blue Classics
Baby Blue Classics
Baby Blue Classics
Baby Blue Classics
Baby Blue Classics
Baby Blue Classics

i’ll be honest, it’s been a little difficult to find time to post outfit photo’s. as i’m sure many of you can relate, life happens, you don’t have a professional photographer & sometimes nobody is around to take your photo. i plan on posting more in the coming months, so stay tuned.

if you’re a frequent reader, you’ll know i’m always down for thrift shopping & LOVE when i score nice pieces for under $20. a few pieces in this look are recent thrift finds under $20, including these vintage mules. i was so excited when i found them because mules are IN RIGHT NOW. if i can’t afford a pair like these, then i’ll be just fine with my new pair. i also snagged this light blue lauren conrad blouse i’m wearing from a bag sale & it was $5. yup, i said it & i’m not ashamed. just give it a good wash, pair it with a few nice items & you’re all set!


Modern Design Board

June 15, 2015


i’m always inspired by emily henderson’s interior design projects. while i was checking out her NEW site, i went through some of her past projects and have since been inspired to create more design boards. so, welcome to the first of many, many more!

room: living room

style: modern

details: woven rug, brass light, coral fish pillow & succulent

i wanted to use modern furniture while incorporating a nature feel, with the green chairs, coral pillow & succulent. what’s missing? when styling this room, i would add a coffee table and a floor lamp. i envision a simple layout. the brass light would go above the long wooden table, with the art work hung directly above the table. the kilim rug would go under the coffee table, with the two chairs along side. i would also add a simple navy couch for more seating and add an end table to each side. i hope you see what i’m seeing!

although i have no space to decorate, this is still one of my favorite things to blog about. until the next design board.


wooden table



brass light

end table






ceramic vase




Weekend Reading {Vol. 15}

June 12, 2015

An Ideal Packing List via Amy Stone

a fun & creative diy by emily from cupcakes & cashmere.

4 helpful ways to unplug during the week. you know we could all use a few pointers!

an ideal packing list – thanks amy (image above).

3 unexpected places to look for blog post inspiration.

just signed up for death to the stock photos. as a blogger, if i have one piece of advice for this week, it’s sign up for this.

how fun & inspiring is this office space that emily henderson (love her) designed for jen gotch?!

speaking of emily henderson, go check out her new site, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

clever food puns by a new york – based artist.


image via amy stone