Weekend Vibes {Vol. 31}

February 5, 2016

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okay, confession. i have yet another show i’m absolutely hooked on & it might be what i plan on watching this weekend. like ALL WEEKEND. new girl is so good. i’m normally not the type to binge watch tv shows but i guess it’s winter so that’s my excuse? either way, i think that’s what i’ll be doing this weekend. i hope everyone has a good one! enjoy this weeks reading links.

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A San Francisco Home Gets a Modern Update

February 4, 2016

hometour,lauren nelson interiors, lauren nelson, interior design, design, decor, old-century, modern

i can only imagine how amazing this home looks in person & i’m not just talking about the inside. as if that’s already obvious in these photos, the outside isn’t. picture this. a century-old house that sits in a neighborhood built in the 1900’s. talk about charm. prior to the renovation, this home was practicality falling apart. however, you can’t buy location and old charm, so leave it to the talented lauren nelson to come in and make this home perfect for a young couple with two kids.

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Parisian Chic

February 1, 2016

fashion, style, Parisian, simple, zara, j.crew, ankle boots, casual, coat, scarf, thin scarf, skinny pants

although i have yet to try this ‘thin scarf’ look, i think it’s so parisian chic! i was initially inspired by jill from the august diaries. she pulled the look off so well here and made me want to recreate the look for myself. except now i just need to order this scarf & drum roll please … it’s only $20!

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Weekend Vibes {Vol. 30}

January 29, 2016

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happy weekend friends! now that we’re in the brink of winter all i really want to do is snuggle up & watch fixer upper, because i’m addicted. but, i’m going to make it a point to get out this weekend, even if it’s freeeeeeezing. also, i can’t believe it’s pretty much february …

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A Classic Texas Home By Marie Flanigan Interiors

January 28, 2016

home, tour, interiors, interior design, texas, texas charm, neutrals, refined elegance, luxe interiors, traditional, neutral palette, bright, spacious
s – w – o – o – n – i – n – g. this home is absolutely beautiful and has the perfect amount of texas charm. i can’t decide which part is my favorite because it’s all so GOOD. i recently found marie flanigan interiors through instagram and i’m so happy i did. their refined, traditional design concepts are absolutely stunning.

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Photography {Vol. 1}

January 27, 2016

photography, progress, interiors, design, interior design, books, details, bedroom, bedroom details

happy hump day! i’ve been practicing my photography lately and wanted to share some of the photos with you. now, let me remind you that i just started working with my dslr so bare with me.

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